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This is Molepedia
The online guide for the browser game Molehill Empire



By selecting Tutorial you will find basic information about Molehill Empire and the knowledge to play the game.

Frequent problems and their solution

How to save my display garden?

=>Display Garden

How do I show my banner in the forum?


How to create a link from the forum to my display garden:


How to install the graphic package (GFX)


Where can I find support?



The menu point FAQ explains most of the important terms.

Cheating/Bugusing/Multi Account

Important: Please mind the advice concerning Cheating, Bugusing and Multi account!

Bug-using, cheating and multi account cheating is strictly forbidden and will always be avenged and could lead to expulsion. You accepted and agreed the game rules for Molehill Empire with your registration there.
So please stand to the rules. Otherwise you might be expelled from the game.


If there are still questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the Forum.
Before you start a new topic it is important to use the search. It often appears, that your question has already been asked and it makes it easier for others to find the answer to a similar question.

Mistakes within Molepedia

Even though we try to work very carefully to complete Molepedia, mistakes happen to appear every now and then. In case you find mistakes here please post them in the Molepedia section of the forum.

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